Highlights: Analysing our impact 


Since 2015


beneficiaries across three signature programmes: Sustainable Cotton, Forced & Child Labour and
Working Conditions

Since 2015


beneficiaries across our Humanitarian and Disaster Risk Reduction programme

In 2019



children, immigrant workers and people in need supported by our volunteer programme in partnership with C&A in Brazil and Mexico

Setting the conditions

Deep and meaningful change requires significant resources and an enabling policy environment in which to deploy them. That’s why we kept a strong focus on leverage and, over the years, recognised the importance of investing in policy change.

Leveraging investment

The scale of the challenges we face requires more resources than any one organisation can invest. And while philanthropy, government and civil society all have a critical role to play, we believe industry must be a powerful source of those resources – and a powerful force for change. As C&A Foundation deepened its experience and impact over time, we were able to unlock ever-greater financial investment from businesses, private capital and governments.

Co-funding vs. Leverage (in M€)

Co-funding + Leverage by source (in M€)

Influencing policy

Policy change is critical to change the ‘rules of the game’. But it demands significant expertise and patience, and sometimes requires the building of relationships with unlikely allies. Since 2015, we supported our partners to influence and inform legislative and policy change processes in their communities.


Sustainable Cotton


Working Conditions


Forced & Child Labour


Circular Fashion

Monitoring our efforts

We are an organisation committed to learning, so it’s important for us to evaluate our processes to better understand what we are doing well and what we could do better. These figures are based on internal evaluations of our initiatives.


Achievement of outputs/outcomes. Conditions to support long-term impact. Barriers to long-term impact removed.


Some evidence of achievement of outputs/outcomes. Progress towards long-term impact. Barriers to long-term impact not fully removed.*


Little evidence of progress towards outputs/outcomes/long-term impact.*

These figures are based on internal evaluations of our initiatives. The main reasons that initiatives have been rated as Amber or Red during our monitoring process are the sensitive and unstable political climate in countries where initiatives are implemented, and the limited organisational capacity of our partners.