The market is shifting

One of the initiatives we fund, the Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA), gathers the industry around a shared agenda so that the entire sector – from farmer to brand – can thrive. 

Affiliated organisations (including brands, retailers and foundations) work together through a shared vision and coordinated investments that focus on market-driven, self-sustaining solutions. In 2017 we saw a substantial increase in new affiliates – a clear sign that there’s an appetite for finding solutions to accelerate the organic cotton market.

  • Membership increased from eight members in 2017 to 13 at the start of 2018. This includes brands and retailers representing approximately 70% of the total market share of organic cotton, as well as foundations and suppliers.
  • The first pilot programmes in 2017 linked 1,800 farmers and four brands, helping brands commit to purchasing organic cotton at an agreed price that gives farmers a better deal for their cotton. The programme will grow in size over the years, with 5,000 farmers being engaged in 2018.
  • OCA partnered with the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture on a new programme that speeds up the process of identifying and developing non-GMO seeds that perform well under organic growing conditions and in line with market demands. 
  • Initially incubated under Textile Exchange and New Foresight, OCA has become an independent, standalone entity, with its own Executive Director and team. The contribution of C&A Foundation’s funding to OCA’s total budget decreased from 44% at the start of 2016, to 33% by 2017 due to increased funding from the private sector.

Unlocking private sector funding for OCA

In 2016


C&A Foundation contributed


8 private sector
partners contributed

In 2017


C&A Foundation contributed


13 private sector
partners contributed