How can we build resilient communities where people can thrive?

Many of the countries C&A source from are disproportionately affected by environmental and social issues, ranging from poverty and gender inequality to extreme weather and natural disasters. C&A’s ambition is to be a good corporate citizen and we help accelerate that ambition by strengthening those communities where C&A operates so that more people are able to live decent and dignified lives.

Together with C&A, we design and implement programmes that engage thousands of employee volunteers to create change, we mobilise C&A customers around the world to help raise funds that enable Save the Children to provide immediate relief to communities when disaster strikes, and we help communities to become more resilient against future shocks.

Our work in this area means that we sometimes have to take difficult decisions. In 2017, we paused our grant making in Myanmar due to the evidence of ongoing persecution and human rights violations by the Myanmar military against the Rohingya people. We focused instead on humanitarian relief and the prevention of gender-based violence and human trafficking amongst the growing refugee crisis in Bangladesh. We invested over €2 million to provide immediate relief and to prevent child labour and exploitation that could shake the country’s apparel industry.

Through mobilizing employees and customers, and supporting communities to become more resilient, we can help more people lead decent, dignified lives.