A new way of reporting

The progress being made across our industry fuels our conviction that fashion can be a force for good. But creating change at the scale and speed required is difficult and complex. It demands new ways of thinking and working together, which is why this Annual Report is different from previous years.

With four years of grant-making under our belt, we’ve learnt a lot about what works and what doesn’t. So, we’re not just reporting our progress. We’re openly sharing the lessons we’ve learnt from our successes and our failures.

We hope this encourages more organisations – particularly corporate foundations – to support the initiatives needed to create systemic change.

We know that the challenges in our industry are deep and require equally deep pockets, patience, and real collaboration - not more talking shops. If you are a funder, 
join us. If you are an NGO, talk to us. If you are a brand or retailer, help us understand how philanthropic capital, with its high-risk appetite and long-term view, can catalyse change.

And together, we can positively transform this industry.

We’re openly sharing the lessons we’ve learned from our successes and our failures.

Gender Justice

To positively transform the fashion industry, we must address gender inequality and violence against the women our industry relies on. From cotton fields and the informal sector to the factories where women make up 80% of the workforce, women are more vulnerable to low wages, excessive hours and exploitation.That’s why we apply a gender lens to all of our work.

Across each of our programmes, we work with partners to promote women’s voices, their leadership skills and capacity to exercise their rights. In 2017, we focused on advocating for policies and practices that will advance gender justice. We also supported alliances and capacity building and learning initiatives to ensure women can influence decisions throughout the supply chain.

Find out more about our Gender Justice Theory of Change.

Since 2015, we leveraged 65.5 million in co-financing, strengthening our industry-wide impact on Sustainable Cotton, Forced & Child Labour, Working Conditions, Circular Fashion and Strengthening Communities





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